Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Well......this happened. :-)

I haven't updated this in FOREVER (I'm surprised I remembered my login information to even write this) but I thought this page needed a "happy ending" I guess you could say. 

Our 3rd IVF treatment (this time in Colorado) was the charm. We are still in awe of this little one growing inside of me and at times unbelievable since we've been on this fertility journey for 6 years now. 
We're FINALLY getting our "Happily Ever After"

It's also been a bittersweet time with my father in law John passing away in August. The day we found out we were expecting was the day he found out from his docs that there was nothing more they could do for him and his liver cancer. When we told him our news, you could tell he was excited for us but sad that he wouldn't be around to see her. 

Fast forward 3 weeks and I thought I was miscarrying. Thankfully, it was just hemorrhage and she held on tight. A week later, we went to our 7 week ultrasound appt (the one we've never been able to get past the last few times we were pregnant) and we saw the little heart flickering away. 
I cried. Scott cried. We couldn't believe it. 

John was in the hospital at this time and wasn't responding anymore so we knew it could be anytime. Scott took his Dad's hand and told him about our ultrasound appt the day before and how we got to see our baby's heartbeat and all was progressing on track. His Dad squeezed his hand, a tear came down from his eye and then he died peacefully 5 hours later. 

It's weird how life works and the timing of everything......when one life is lost another one is gained. 
The cycle of life continues. 

All we know is baby Simmons sure has one heck of an angel watching over her now.


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