Thursday, May 26, 2016

This post is WAYYYYY late since we took this winter trip months ago. 

We went to Breck (again......can't get enough of that town) with Scott's family for a ski trip in January. 

The skiing and present company was awesome and we all had a great time! 

Main Street is always really cute and quaint, but especially over the winter months with all of the lights. 

The first day we arrived there was a parade on Main Street. 

Family pic

I LOVE this pic of these two!

We skied our booties off

They had a neat children's "haunted forest" to go through. 

Scott's a better skier than me....I don't look this smooth. ;-)

The mountains are always so pretty and serene.  

The very top.....look at how windy it was when we got off the lift. (2nd pic) It felt like a blizzard!

These people here (below) are the more brave ones. 
They are walking and carrying their skies/snowboards to even a higher elevation. 
Lifts don't even go up that high. Do what?!?!

One day a few of us went on a snowmobiling expedition which was a blast. 

We went up to the Continental Divide. The views are supposed to be amazing from up there but it was snowing so we could hardly see anything. 

At the same place they also had sled dogs, which were SOOO cute. All they wanted to do was RUN! They were amped and ready to go the entire time!

Our ride home....until next time. 

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lindaMOM said...

Thinking of you guys, a LOT.
Travel safe. Love you!!

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